Different from a Basic Gym
Here at CR Elite Strength Training we promise to provide one on one coaching as well as custom programming to fit your needs. We offer training in general fitness, sports performance, olympic lifting, bodybuilding or anything else that involves building strength!
Who do we work with?
-Athletes from elementary school through college and beyond
-Women and Men of any age and fitness status
-Anyone who wants to get in better shape and live a healthier happier life!
We promise you will achieve your goals at CR Elite!
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Perfect for Everyone!!
Judgement and Competition Free Zone
CR Elite is built around the community environment, where everyone helps everyone and pushes each other through their workouts.  With the personalized programming at CR Elite Strength Training, everyone is doing a different workout geared to get them to their goals quickly, efficiently and guaranteed!  Since each person is doing a different workout for a different reason, there is no feeling of competition.

Utilizing group personalized training, we are able to work with anywhere from 1 to 12 clients all at the same time! Since each person will be following their own program, you'll never miss a workout!  Too many programs try to cookie cut the process of programming and give everyone the same program, even though everyone is different and has different limitations.

Testimonial 1
"What I like most about CR Elite Strength Training is having my own personalized workout routine with one-on-one guidance.  David recognizes when I feel like I'm at my limit and then pushes me just a bit further. This is the fifth gym I've joined in the past 5 years.  At CR Elite Strength Training, I lost 20 Lbs in the first seven weeks.  I've never had that kind of success before, and I have David to thank for that."
-H. Wiersma
    Testimonial 2
    "With both of my kids in high school sports (wrestling and soccer), and me focussing on staying in shape,  CR Elite has been fantastic at making different workouts for each of us for our different goals! The three of us look forward to each workout and have seen amazing results from it!"
    - J. Washburn
      Testimonial 3
      "We have been becoming Elite at CR Elite for 2 years now.  Working with Dave has helped us tone, trim down, and feel better overall.  Dave pushes us to achieve our personal goals and makes it fun at the same time.  Anyone looking to make changes to better themselves would benefit from joining CR Elite!"- B. Crutchley and H. Northland
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